Cambridge and the River Cam

The city of Cambridge is a must-visit destination for boaters. The Cam is a wonderful river to cruise and slightly unusual as there are two navigation authorities. The Environment Agency are responsible for the river from the Great Ouse to Bottisham. Upstream of Bottisham, the river is the resposibility of the Cam Conservancy.

Jesus Green is generally considered the Cam's limit of navigation, but if you arrange passage with the Cam Conservancy, you can, at certain times of the year, venture through Jesus Green Lock and continue further (Depending on the size of your boat of course). Click here to visit the Cam Conservancy website.

Be very careful when navigating the upper reaches of the Cam, as there are rowers everywhere!

There is so much to say about Cambridge, that I suggest you visit the following link for more information.

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Waiting for Bottisham

Waiting for Bottisham lock. Beyond this lock the Cam Conservancy take over responsibility for the river.
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Baits Bite lock

Cassie in Baits Bite lock. We found this lock a little awkward, there were no mooring bollards and the grab chains hung vertically rather than horizontally. It's been several years since we visited so maybe things have improved now...
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Baits bite 2

Another shot of Baits Bite lock.It may be awkward to use, but it is very pretty!
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Stopped for lunch at Waterbeach.
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Waterbeach 2

Another shot taken at Waterbeach. As you can see this was taken before we renovated her cockpit!
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Cambridge Approach

The approach to Cambridge. Half of the boats moored bankside look like they're about to sink!
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Jesus Green

Cassie moored at Jesus Green.
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Jesus Green lock

Another of Cassie at Jesus Green. You can only pass through the lock with the permision of the Conservators of the Cam - see the links section for details.
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Clare Bridge

Clare bridge.
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Great St Mary's

Cambridge town centre. Great St Mary's church on the right.
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Kings College Chapel

Kings College Chapel and punt. A typical Cambridge scene.
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Hello punters

Punters enjoying a punt on the Cam. We'll stick to the Freeman!