Denver, Norfolk

The Denver complex forms the heart of the flood defence and water management system of the fens. It lies at the confluence of 5 major water courses. Water is even diverted from here to reservoirs in Essex! The first sluice was built accross the river in 1651 by Dutch drainage engineer Cornelius Vermuyden.

Boaters can only pass through the lock at Denver at certain states of the tide. Just down stream of Denver on the tidal side of the river is Salters Lode lock which allows access onto the Middle Levels and River Nene, where the canal network can be reached via the junction with the Grand Union Canal at Northampton.

Boaters can also pass through the lock into the Relief Channel, where a new safe access system has been installed. Before entering the Relief Channel boaters enter their details and telephone number on a keypad. The Environment Agency can then inform them if any water discharge into the channel is going to take place, giving them time to exit at Denver before navigation becomes dangerous. The Relief Channel runs between Denver and the tail sluice at Kings Lynn.

There is a fully restored windmill, with bakery and tea shop, at Denver which is well worth a visit.
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Approaching Denver

The view approaching Denver on the Great Ouse. The huge sluice gates can be seen in the distance. The river is very wide at this point and there is a magical air of calm about the place.
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Public Moorings

On the left bank you can see some of the extensive public moorings. It's just a short walk from here to the Jenyns Arms, where food is served every day. On the far right of the picture is the lock at the entrance to the relief channel.
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Hundred Foot

The view from Denver looking up the tidal Hundred Foot Drain towards Earith. This is a short cut to Earith, especially as a much higher speed limit is in force! But be aware there is nowhere to stop on the Hundred Foot, so it's a long boring slog. I think the journey takes about five hours.
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Towards the sea

The view downstream of Denver. You can see how silted the tidal side can become. The dot in the middle of the river is a narrowboat headed for Salters Lode lock.
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The Relief Channel

This is a view of the Relief Channel. The green staging on the right is the landing stage for the lock onto the Great Ouse.
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Sluice gate

One of the huge sluice gates at Denver.
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A distant Cassie

A picture of the extensive public moorings. Cassie can just be seen near the end.
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Denver Windmill

A photograph of Denver Windmill. Open seven days a week from 10.00am until 5.00pm.