Old West River

The section of the Great Ouse known as the Old West River, runs from the confluence of the River Cam at Popes Corner to Hermitage Lock at Earith.

Some people find this section of the river quite boring, due to its narrowness and high flood banks. We, on the other hand, really enjoy the Old West. There are some really nice 'off piste' mooring spots and there always seems to be plenty of wildlife to see.

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Waiting at Hermitage

Waiting for Hermitage lock. Hermitage is one of only two manned locks on the Great Ouse, the other being at Denver. The lock is actually underneath the road bridge, which is a strange sensation when going upstream. Boaters should be aware this lock does not open 24 hours a day and is also closed for lunch. The entrance to Hermitage Marina can be seen on the opposite bank.
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Inside the chamber

View inside the lock chamber at Hermitage.
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Hundred Acre

Cassie moored up on Hundred Acre, just upstream of Popes Corner. This is one of our favourite mooring spots.
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Off piste

One of our favourite 'off piste' mooring spots on the Old West river.
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Typical Old West

A typical Old West scene with piled banking and overgrown bushes. If you own a boat it's a fantastic place to go blackberrying.
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Wide open spaces

As the Old West winds its way through open flood plain and you really get the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere.
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Nice place to live

A lovely cottage, with a lovely mooring and a lovely boat! What a nice place to live...
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Popes Corner

The view looking upstream from the Fish and Duck bridge at Pope's Corner. As you can see, the Fish and Duck Marina is popular with Narrowboaters.
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You always see lots of wildlife, or in this case, not-so-wildlife, on the Old West.
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Stretham Old Engine

Stretham Old Engine, a preserved pumping engine. There are a few mooring spots just upstream of here if visiting by boat...
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Stretham Plaque

...but be awware of the limited opening hours!