St Ives

The pretty market town of St Ives was an important trading post in the 18th and 19th centuries. Goods were brought into the town on barges via the Great Ouse and cattle left the town for London's Smithfield Market. The town still has a thriving street market.

Probably the most famous landmark in the town bridge, with its chapel in the middle - one of only five in the country.

The IWA festival took place on the town's water meadows in 2007, photographs of the event can be found in the photo galleries.

St Ives is a boater-friendly town, with plenty of mooring space, several riverside pubs and an excellent marina with both diesel and the hard to find petrol pumps, along with a well stocked chandlery and thriving boat brokerage.

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Town Bridge

St Ives bridge. One of only five bridges in Britain with a chapel on it. The bridge is also unusual in having both round and gothic arches. All the arches were originally gothic until Oliver Crowell blew them up during the civil war. They were subsequently rebuilt as round arches.
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Town approach

Aproaching St Ives from Hemingford.
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The Waits

The Waits, showing the newly-completed flood defence work - a very neat job it is too.
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Be careful about venturing too far up the Waits. We did, and ended up in very shallow water, which took a great deal of mud-stirring manoeuvring to turn round and return the way we came!
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Oliver Cromwell

St Ives town centre showing the statue of Oliver Cromwell.