Wicken Fen

Wicken Fen is the oldest and one of the most important nature reserves in Britain. There are over 7800 recorded species here. It is a small reminder of what the Fens looked like before drainage and agriculture changed the landscape. It is designated a National Nature Reserve, a Sight of Special Scientific Interest, an EU Special Area of Conservation and a Protected Wetland under the Ramsar Convention.

If your boat is small enough to navigate Wicken Lode, then we thoroughly recommend a visit. It is a wonderful place to moor for the night. If your boat is too large, then why not visit by car, it's well worth the effort.

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View from a bridge

The view up Wicken Lode, as seen from the bridge at the junction with Reach Lode. As you can see the navigation is narrow, but there is room for two boats to pass, depending on size. The air-draft of your boat might be an issue under the bridge. You could always moor on the excellent public moorings on Reach lode and venture up in a tender if you have one, or even on foot!
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Drainage pump

A wind pump. Read the plaque on the next photograph for details...
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Er... Self explanatory really.
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Pump internals

The internals of the wind pump.
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Wind pump

Wind pump and rushes.
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Reach Lode

The view down Reach Lode from the junction with Wicken Lode. The moorings on the right are mainly private, but there are a few excellent public ones at the Wicken end. Upware lock, which leads into the Cam, can be seen in the distance, it's a little awkward to use, due to the lack of mooring bollards and ladders. Be careful when you try to navigate the Lodes as they can be very weedy before they're cut.
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Distant hide

A view of Wicken Fen with one of the many hides in the distance.
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View up the lode

Another view up Wicken Lode. This really is a magical place. Sitting on the bank with a G&T listening to the hooting owls, what could be better?
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Upware mooring

Cassie moored on the public moorings at Upware on Reach Lode. The bridge on the left is over the entrance to Wicken Fen.