Welcome to the our-cassie.co.uk restoration section. Here you will find images of Cassie's ongoing restoration. The images are arranged in approximate chronological order and more will be added as we complete the work. It's not our intention to restore her to 100% original spec, but hopefully any work we do complete, will be sympathetic to her age and original design.

We've given up trying to estimate how long this will take, as everything on a boat takes longer and costs more than planned for!

We've lots planned for the coming months, how much of it will actually happen is anybody's guess...

We intend to upload a series of hands-on guides as we complete jobs. Hopefully some of you will find these useful when tackling jobs on your own boat. There are a couple in the pipeline but they take a long time to produce, so once again, no timescale given.

Hover the cursor over any of the thumbnails below to get a brief description of that gallery’s contents. Click on the thumbnail to view.

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    Gallery 1


    Includes photos of: The boat as we purchased her, Stripping the woodwork and the original wiring.
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    Gallery 2


    Includes photos of: Varnishing, the new instrument panel, stripping the old wiring and the re-upholstery.
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    Gallery 3


    Includes photos of: Poliglow application, instrument panel wiring, cabin ceiling and deck painting.
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    Gallery 4


    Includes photos of: Finished cockpit varnishing, upholstery and curtains plus the finished wiring cupboard.
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    Gallery 5


    Includes photos of: Finished upholstery and carpeting, Foredeck relamination and cooker servicing.
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    Gallery 6


    Includes photos of: Cassie's new wheel. Propex heater, re-assembled cooker, gland packing and special removal tool!
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    Gallery 7


    Includes photos of compounding, Poliglowing and chromework