We are so sad to post that Geezer, our retired greyhound who was to have
co-starred with Cassie on this website, died suddenly just after New Year 2009. We are not sure of the exact cause, but the speed suggests possibly his heart.

We were totally devastated. For him to be taken from us after only 11 months at the tender age of four seems so, so cruel. He was, for us, as perfect as a dog could be. At home he was an absolute angel and a perfect gentleman and he adored coming to the boat with us.

We miss him dreadfully, but our lives are so much richer for having had him and we know he was a very happy, contented boy and that we gave him the best retirement we could, even if it was for a much shorter time than we would have wished.

Both of us really missed the structure that having Geezer had given our lives - the long weekend walks, getting up in the dark and going out in all weathers, you get the picture! So we quickly decided that what we had given Geezer, we could give to another, and now we have our new greyhound, called Dudley. He's only been with us for a short time, but is very cuddly, a huge character and already a major part of the family.